Death Trap

You are the game pawn, you awaken to find out that the sick mastermind that has drugged you, chained you up and locked you in his bathroom, only hopping to see you fail, your determination will prove if you are one of the strong, or are you one of the weak. You have 60 minutes to prove that your life is worth more than those sacrificed before you. Can you Escape? The Race is on!

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Play Room

As you are tucking Sieanna in bed, she realizes that her beloved kitty is not laying in her bed, you quickly realize that her older brothers Damon and Peyton have hidden her in the Play Room before going off to camp, with your toddler Giovanni at your feet crying every few minutes wanting cuddles, and baby sister Leilani sad that her sister is upset the clock is ticking will it run out and no one sleeps for the rest of the time that the boys are away at camp??? Can you save bedtime? The Race is on!

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Santa's Naughty or Nice List

You found out Santa added your name to his naughty list. Now your at the North Pole in Santa's office, you have 60 minutes to find the list, remove your name, and escape before the elves find you. Can you get the list in time? The Race is on!
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